When Uptown Diamond owner Rick Antona left one of the largest diamond cutting houses in Houston to start his own business, he sought after Mind Dance Marketing to help elevate his new brand from the ground up. MDM was an essential, key element in creating the fingerprint that is Uptown Diamonds branding. From their brand’s look and feel, to deciding what charities Uptown Diamond contributes to, MDM assisted in building the brand to what it is today.

To manage Uptown Diamond’s seasonal campaigns, MDM wrote digital copy and produced full spots for local radio, as well as designing complimentary creative for their website, social media pages, and SEO/SEM advertisements.  By managing Uptown Diamond’s social media pages on a daily basis, MDM had the capabilities to cross promote campaigns beyond just one medium.

An award-winning campaign MDM designed targeted those who are preparing for “the play of their life”. The football campaign, The Engagement Playbook, encourages our target audience to seek help from our Diamond Advisor coaches. Seasonal campaigns were also run for holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas.

Beyond digital campaigns, MDM also managed events. In 2014, MDM executed The World’s Most Expensive Easter Egg Hunt on behalf of Uptown Diamond. Participants were given clues through social media to guess the location of the Golden Egg, an encouraged to visit our website for contest entry. With the prize being a 2.56ctw diamond ring, this event achieved local, national, and world-wide PR attention.