Meet The Team

<p><center>Tina Murray</center>

Tina Murray


<p><center>John Del Tatto</center>

John Del Tatto

Senior Dir. of Brand Strategy
<p><center>Kelly Demel</center>

Kelly Demel

Dir. of Brand Management
<p><center>Ashley Hopkins</center>

Ashley Hopkins

Dir. of Accounting
<p><center>Chelsea Dillon</center>

Chelsea Dillon

Senior Brand Manager
<p><center>Alex Boone</center>

Alex Boone

Brand Manager
<center>Tasha Coney</center>

Tasha Coney

Brand Manager
<center>Leslie Gilbert</center>

Leslie Gilbert

Brand Manager
<center>Nicole Nutt</center>

Nicole Nutt

Creative Services Coordinator
<p><center>Tres Sanders</center>

Tres Sanders

Sponsorships Project Lead
<center>Briana Miles</center>

Briana Miles

Sponsorships Project Coordinator
<p><center>Zac Caraway</center>

Zac Caraway

Brand Coordinator
<p><center>Zoe Denton</center>

Zoe Denton

Brand Coordinator
<p><center>Quin Roberts</center>

Quin Roberts

Brand Coordinator
<p><center>Alexia Huesca</center>

Alexia Huesca

Executive Assistant
<p><center>Claira Kelly</center>

Claira Kelly

Mobile Manager